Collette James Scottsdale Escort

She’s the kind of high

only a deep soul

can get stoned to.


Sometimes we find ourselves in a place with no direction. We’re unsure of what to do, where to go, who to talk to. It’s been a passion of mine to never find myself lost in the world, and it brings me joy to share my experiences with those who are looking for the answers that give them assurance.

Sharing time with me provides numerous possibilities in diverse environments, for an experience that will seem like we were made for each other. Eating a meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack; is augmented with stimulating conversation. I can be an ear that listens attentively to stories of your life, career, or dreams; or I can discuss sports, history, world news, or small talk. With a wealth of knowledge, beyond my college degree; I’m versed in all areas of life.

We can have an adventure, as I’m open to various activities and entertainment. I can dress formal for a gala, play, or opera; or sporty for a boat ride, hike, or horse back ride. Casual style works as well, for a movie, lounge with music, or just a cup of coffee. If you prefer something more intimate, a quiet evening for two by the fire or on the patio, can also be arranged.

If you’re looking for a friendly woman, with beauty, intelligence and compassion; I’m the right choice.

Time is precious, so when you choose to share yours, it should be with someone that will respect and appreciate you.

Collette James Phoenix Escort

“I don’t believe in magic.

The young boy said. The old

man smiled. You will when you

see her.”